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Kudos to Doctors at Wellness Center

Letter to the Editor:

Hats off and orchids to James Mosson, MD, and Randy Smart, MD, of Valley Springs Health &Wellness Center.


I was 80 years old, near death! I arrived for my first visit with Dr. Mosson on 11-30-20. I was in a wheelchair, on oxygen with my caregiver. Dizzy, trouble breathing and walking, dry mouth and throat, thirsty all the time and water bottle in hand.


My blood sugar and other test results were very high. Dr. Mosson, put me on daily injections immediately. Doctors James Mosson and Randy Smart called me at home twice a day until I became stable. I am alive and better today, with better test results and reduced medications.


These doctors are internists, I thank God for their expertise, mercy and compassion. I highly recommend these Christian physicians who know how to pray.


Darleen Love

Valley Springs


Reprinted from Valley Springs News – June 9, 2021


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